Multi channel network management and distribution. GlueMPS feed import & export tool aggregates and syndicates content from any legacy system to any device. You have complete control of your content distribution with Geo-targeting, app-targeting, user-targeting, scheduling and conditional access rules. As with all GlueMPS tasks your distribution workflow can be streamlined with automation.

Stream your video or audio to any device with the Glue Player Framework supporting native and web application delivery of live and on-demand content. Your content is protected with studio compliant DRM tailored to the unique requirement of each device and browser whether its mobile, tablet, desktop or smart TV.

Feed Export
GlueMPS has a super power when it comes to distribution & syndication. Glue can take metadata and content from any system and return structured data tailored for distribution of content to any app or device. Feed export provides rich content discovery via flexible metadata delivery.
Targeted Distribution
Manage the delivery of your content across multiple regions with Geo-targeting and availability rules based on zones and locales with tailored content, pricing and language for location, user type, device type or domain.
Cross Device
Live and on-demand streaming to any device. Glue features web and native application frameworks for cross device distribution with support for video and audio delivery using multi format playback including HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH formats.
DRM & Content Protection
DRM playback on any device including PlayReady, Widevine, Adobe Primetime & Marlin supported by multi-format delivery including HLSe, MPEG-DASH with CENC encoding for cross device & browser support.
TV Everywhere
Cross device & browser application framework for Smart TV, Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. Responsive user interface, web and native applications with leading user experience for OTT / IPTV
Social TV
Traffic building Social TV features including content personalisation, user dashboard, rewards & gamification, gifting, sharing, public playlisting, favouriting, like, rating, commenting, chat, polls, checkin & invite a friend.
Glue Player Framework
Increase video viewing time with auto-play, auto-advance, looping, resume playback, cross device player, bitrate selection, adaptive streaming, playlisting, subtitle, closed captions, keyboard accessibility, WCAG 2.0 accessibility compliance, multi language, multi audio tracks, float player, VAST & VPAID advertising.
Content Discovery
Personalised user experience with recommendations, related content, favouriting & playlists. Fast searching, editorial playlists, moods, genres, channels, custom lists, popular, latest, trending & featured content.
Multi Site & Channel
Distribute your content to multiple sites, apps & channels managed from a single account or via feed syndication. Glue also features an embed player to control the user experience on third party sites.

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