Automated asset ingest & transcoding from local source to cloud.  Glue media ingest service processes your video, audio and metadata with multi-format transcoding and DRM packaging for live and on-demand streaming on any device.

Fast Scalable Transcoding

Cloud based dynamically scalable transcoding, transrating & trans-sizing for any volume of content. Supporting all leading output protocols including Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, MPEG-DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Adobe RTMP, RTSP/RTP, MPEG-TS.

Automated Ingest
Automated & bulk ingest of video, audio, images and metadata from local directory to cloud with intelligent processing & publishing rules.
Digital Rights Management
DRM packaging and key licensing service to protect your content playback on any device including PlayReady, Widevine, Acesss/Primetime & Marlin.
Multi Format Transcoding
Mutli-format transcoding supporting playback on mobile, tablet, desktop & smart tv including adaptive HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH formats. 4K-resolution transcoding & the latest codecs and formats such as VP9/WebM and H.265/HEVC.
Live & On-demand
Broadcast quality live & on-demand transcoding supporting streaming to web and native devices with live capture,  scheduling, subtitles and cuepoint events. Multi-channel 24/7 digital ingest & transcoding for OTT / IPTV.
Metadata Ingest
Bulk ingest of metadata in XML or CSV format with support for broadcast and audio schema. Intelligent processing of metadata relations and publishing rules such as geo-location, availability, pricing & security policies.
EPG Ingest
Ingest your electronic program guide to automate the publishing of live and on-demand content.
Feed Ingest
Ingest third party content feeds using Glue to manage all data and assets from your legacy systems.
Monitoring & Reporting
Ingest monitoring and notifications with status of assets being ingested and transcoded.

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