GlueMPS analytics provides comparison usage reports and premium reports to track content rights & revenue. Get valuable data on engagement and ensure the best return on your digital investment. Glue comes with a pre-configured range of industry leading drill down comparison reports by site, content, user, asset, premium and resource utilisation.

Create a dashboard of the most relevant data for your business with Glue Custom Report Builder. Take control of  your OTT enterprise with smart insights on usage and content profitability.

Content Reports
Identify profitable content with comparison reporting on views by genre, studio, series, movies, episode.
User Reports
Build your audience with user insights on registrations, logins, premium users, sessions, locations, gender, age, operating system and device.
Premium Reports
Rights management and revenue reports by subscription type, plays by plan, renewals, churn and conversion. Track revenue trends by period.
Asset Reports
Track your top performing video and audio assets with engagement reports on requests, plays, plays to completion. Drill down reports with episode plays by studio, movie plays by studio and plays by content type.
Site Reports
Site traffic visitor reports by domain, browser, operating system, unique views, device type & location
Utilisation Reports
Utilisation reports on resource usage by http / https requests, bandwidth consumption by protocol, bandwidth consumption by destination.

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