Why use multiple software and hardware platforms when you can do everything with GlueMPS? GlueMPS provides a turnkey management system for your media assets, content, users, subscribers and multi-channel applications. Glue is an OVP, VMS, CMS, DAM, CRM and eCommerce solution all in one Platform as a Service. Scales dynamically from small video portals to large multi channel networks.

Fast Workflow
Fast flowout workflow & hierarchical content editing. Create and edit content simultaneously across parent and child articles. Time saving metadata inheritance from parent to child articles.
Automated Publishing
Automated publishing of content via EPG, metadata or schema rules. Set default and custom publishing and expiry content rules.
MCN Management
Glue is an enterprise level media publishing system for multi channel networks to small video portals with support for multi-site, channel, application, region, account, editorial group, user groups, currency & language.
Article Management
Full featured CMS capabilities with customisable article schema to support any content requirement. Glue comes pre-configured with article schema types such as movie, series, season, episode, documentary, album, song, artist, cast, award, blog, extras & trailers.
User Management
User roles, user groups, user access control, content personalisation, freemium & premium memberships, editorial permissions, social media integration. Drill-down user activity logging & reporting.
Asset Management
Digital asset management for video, audio, images and metadata. Automated asset linking, fast asset searching, thumbnail previews, bulk and manual asset upload, asset status and asset reporting.
Relational Content
Enrich your content discovery experience with Glue’s relational content feature. Metadata inheritance and linking from parent to child or relationship such as series, season, episode , movie, franchise, studio, genre, award, director, producer and more.
Create and manage blogs to compliment your OTT applications with traffic generating content. Glue blog tool includes rich media support to easily add videos, image galleries and polls.
Get Social
Glue supports community building user generated content, playlist sharing, user dashboard, personalised content,  favouriting, commenting, rating, chat, tagging and sharing to all social media sites.

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