Monetise your video and audio content with GlueMPS flexible pricing and availability features. With GlueMPS content can be sold in just about any format including pay per view, timed access, subscription packages, subscription channels, site-wide subscriptions and download. Glue supports any payment type such as credit card payment, stored credits & virtual currencies.

Glue provides SVOD, TVOD and AVOD monetisation with  subscription, pay-per-view or advertising supported access across PCs, smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, and over-the-top (OTT) devices.

Registration and authentication provides flexible user management with content accessibility rules controlling access to content by membership status, region, content type, device and domain. Offer users freemium content to drive registrations and up-sell subscriptions. GlueMPS has enterprise financial reporting and data exports with support for import to SAP. Cross-Platform DRM protects premium content.

Subscription video on demand and transactional video on demand with hourly, daily, monthly subscriptions or pay per view access to content.
Payment Types
Accept more payment types with virtual currencies, stored credits, direct debit, credit card & paypal.
Create promo codes with customisable prefix and suffix for tracking marketing campaigns and targeting special discounts. Promo codes can be redeemed for discounts or access to content or features.
Registration & Authentication
Pricing and accessibility to content can be controlled through user type and membership level. Offer freemium content and up-sell subscriptions and pay per view.
Rewards & Gifting
Grow traffic with gifting and rewards. Users can gift access to content and administrators can assign rewards for gamification of actions such as sharing, viewing & inviting.
Glue has complete eCommerce features for digital and physical goods with mutli-currency pricing and zone based availability with invoicing, receipts, notifications & recurring payments.
GlueMPS provides cuepoint and tagging for targeted display and video advertising. Full support of VAST / VPAID advertising standard and sponsored and cross promotional content.
Content Discovery
Personalised user experience with recommendations, related content, favouriting & playlists. Fast searching, editorial playlists, moods, genres, channels, custom lists, popular, latest, trending & featured content.
Premium Access
Fine tune access to premium content by date / time, location, device, site, channel, package & membership type. Set freemium access to first episode and offer free trials.

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